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#1 - I was looking at this shot at home, observing the Snow goose in flight and the geese below it.
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#2 - I noticed something unusual directly below the flying goose.
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#3 (same photo, cropped) - I zoomed in and saw a banded goose.

#4 - But I couldn't clearly read the numbers on the band.

#5 - I looked at the next frame (taken 3 seconds after) hoping for a better view of the band.
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#6 - I found the banded goose in the crowd.
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#7 (same photo, cropped) - Once again I zoomed in on the banded goose.

#8 - But I needed to get a little closer...

#9 (same photo, tighter crop) - I could finally see the band clearly: 13AM

#10 - I submitted the band info at and received this certificate.
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