Snowscape Farm Evening Lone Tree Carpentersville Dawn Pond Algae Morning Soybean Leaves Colorful Field Bamboo & Creek Near Sunnyside Road The Path Two Trees M & M Farm Near-Solstice Colors Snow Flurry Clouds Spring Hill Road Route 212, Through a Dirty Windshield Raubsville Road, Drying The Horseshoe Farm II Tractor Path & Clouds White Oak (<i>Quercus alba</i>) & Barns IV 4:00 p.m. (Windshield Again) Uphill Late Snowstorm I Favorite Farm Road Pennsylvania Turnpike Landscape Wetland in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania Top of Ganoga Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park Berger Road Covered Bales County Line East Road, Looking Southeast Morning Fog Early Corn Between the River and the Wetlands Morning Porch View Frost Moon Warm Day in January Somewhere in Forks Township Forks Township Farm Large Puddle on Sherer's Hill