This is a selection of my favourite photographs over the last few years from my photoblog:
Secret Pumpkin Patch Apples Winnie on the Patio Rainbow in a Cornfield, 7:40 p.m. Great Egret (<i>Ardea alba</i>) Double Rainbow, Island Beach Wheat Field & Rainbow Cumulonimbus Cloud (with Rainbow) Rainy Sunday at the Pond Durham Valley Farm Jakey in the Shop on a Rainy Morning Crabapple Tree A Field of Yellow Rocket (<i>Barbarea vulgaris</i>) and Dandelion (<i>Taraxacum officinale</i>) A Field of Grape Hyacinth (<i>Muscari botryoides</i>) Jacob Lamb Blue Ridge Mountains, 7:30 p.m. Nelson Pouring the Concrete Floor in the New Milking Parlor Spring Hill, Between Rainstorms Welding Rebar in the New Milking Parlor White Small Rock Breaking the Ice at Lake Nockamixon A Mastiff Called Grant (Westminster Kennel Club Show, NYC) Tired Handler and Longhaired Dachshund (Westminster Kennel Club Show, NYC) Polish Lowland Sheepdog & Owners (Westminster Kennel Club Show, NYC) Greater Snow Geese II (<i>Anser caerulescens atlantica</i>) Pond's Edge Charlie's Barn the Morning After a Light Snowfall Jenn, Windy Afternoon Tom Firing His Musket Under the Stars, Uhlerstown Dog in Shop Doorway, Bethlehem, PA Foggy Night, Durham Church Early Snow #2 Early Snow #1 Early Snow #5 (Through the Windshield) Red Maple II (<i>Acer rubrum</i>) Portrait in Hydrangea (<i>Hydrangea paniculata</i>) Kentucky Club Pipe Tobacco Puddle at Big Pocono Fog Lifting on Spring Hill Haybales & Pumpkins River Fog Near Stout's School, 7:05 a.m. River Fog Near the Triangle, 7:43 a.m. Delaware River Fog, 7:30 a.m. Leicester Sheep at the 4-H Sheep Show Jenn in Queen Anne's Lace (<i>Daucus carota</i>) Sherer's Hill, 5:48 p.m. Beachcombing, 8:00 p.m. Study for Coventina Tree Swallow (<i>Tachycineta bicolor</i>) at Sunset Turkey Vulture (<i>Cathartes aura</i>) Drying Its Wings Wheat Field Full Boots Billy in the New Hay Carpentersville Tractor, 7:00 p.m. Jakey Planting Corn Between Spring Hill and Sherer's Hill Cooks Creek Frog Spring Fields The Calf Barn Onion Snow Guinevere Hesitates Cashmere Goat March Ice, Sunset Saint Don Canada Geese Overhead Sunset Walk on Ice-Coated Snow Dogs Rule (Westminster Kennel Club 2007) Smoke on Route 413, Through the Windshield Berks County Vista Bo's Fireworks, 2007 Pointing at Pennsylvania The Birthday Girl White Christmas Dairy Goats Foxtails at the Erwinna Covered Bridge The Woot Shung Walking Stick Dixie Falling Leaves, Afternoon Storm Glenn Elliot of Suches, Georgia The Milking Hour Clouds and Smartweed (<i>Polyganum pensylvanicum</i>) Lounging in a Field of Smartweed (<i>Polygonum pensylvanicum</i>) Puddle Jumping with Morning Glory Foggy River Bank Cousin Mike on a Flooded Basketball Court Dave at McSorley's Sailors on Leave at McSorley's Guitarist at The Cotton Club Helen Slade at the Cotton Club Blackberry Picking In the Pool In the Pool II Dorset Sheep Horseshoe Falls, Dawn Pool Flour Portrait #1 Flour Portrait #2 Feeding the Gulls Foggy Vacation Spring Hill, 6:45 a.m Repairing the Silo Unloader Jenn in the Chamomile (<i>Chamaemelum nobile</i>) Homage to James Montgomery Flagg Riegelsville-Roebling Bridge at Dawn Jenn Jumping Super Girl with Ox-Eye Daisies (<i>Chrysanthemum leucanthemum</i>) Jakey Planting Corn Before Sunset Eric at Dawn in Centralia Dividing Line, Berks County Farm Road Fisherman at Lockridge Furnace Early Spring on County Line East Berks County Farm House Ruins (18th Century) Church Field Runners Jenn on the Hill The Old Cadillac Seat Cloud Gazing on Ice Looking for Footprints Birthday Boy Large Puddle on Sherer's Hill Forks Township Farm Somewhere in Forks Township Route 611 Through the Windshield Walking the Old Towpath Warm Day in January Bo's Fireworks II Jakey Welding Two Dogs Frost Moon Walnut, Fog, Sun Morning Porch View Inside the Durham Mill Three Friends at Cooks Creek Jakey, Bailey and the Baler A Union Soldier, Second Corps, First Division, Irish Brigade Portrait of an Altruist Between the River and the Wetlands Near the Reeds Bethlehem Steel Rainstorm Tire Swing, Fog, Fisherman, Riegelsville Bridge Early Corn Lake Towhee II Morning Fog County Line East Road, Looking Southeast Frog Covered Bales Berger Road Field Walk I Jump <i>Tulipa viridiflora</i> 'Nightrider' Top of Ganoga Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park Wetland in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania Church Field I Pennsylvania Turnpike Landscape Jakey Planting Alfalfa III Jakey Planting Alfalfa II Jakey Planting Alfalfa I Yellow Rocket, a.k.a. <i>Barbarea vulgaris</i> Favorite Farm Road Portrait Late Snowstorm I Calf Uphill 4:00 p.m. (Windshield Again) Binney & Smith Factory V Lehnenberg Road White Oak (<i>Quercus alba</i>) & Barns IV Tractor Path & Clouds Jakey at Milking Time Farm II The Horseshoe Raubsville Road, Drying Through the Barn Door Windows Jakey Snow Fence Charlie's Barn Route 212, Through a Dirty Windshield Spring Hill Road Snow Flurry Clouds Passenger Door Love Shack Headlights on a Driveway Near-Solstice Colors Bridge, Man, Pine, Canal, Ducks M & M Farm Over the Banks Bridge & Summer Swing Delaware River Mud & <i>Platanus acerifolia </i>Reflection Stairs in the Musconetcong River Frenchtown Barbershop, East Window Two Trees The Path Oily Water & Leaf Willow & Clouds The Great Blue Heron Rollercoaster & Two People Autumn Dawn on the Atlantic Near Sunnyside Road Bamboo & Creek The Garage Gestalt Water Lillies & Rock Barn & Rotting Tomatoes Colorful Field Drying Corn The Kerry Supporters Busker II Waxing Up Footprints on the Promenade Food Tent Bethlehem Steel I Delaware Canal Along Route 611 Delaware River Dawn Red Fox Fresh Hay Morning Soybean Leaves Morning Fisherman on the Delaware River Pretty Tall Riegelsville Roebling Bridge Pond Algae Evening Romp Delaware River Beach Near Riegelsville Downhill Geese Morning Sun on the Delaware at Durham Lock Carpentersville Dawn Dawn at Fry's Run (with Osprey) Tree Line in Fog Doe and Crescent Boy and Newf Chef's Landing Trees Leaning Toward the Delaware River End-of-Day Dip in the Lake Sun Up at Fry's Run Delaware Canal at Wy-Hit-Tuk Park, Northampton County Doe in the Road Lily Pads and Clouds Fisherman on Lake Nockamixon 17-Year Cicada Nymph Shell II Clematis 17-Year Cicada Nymph Shell Lake Towhee Lily Pads Fog on Spring Hill Road Nockamixon Cliffs Near Kintersville Delaware Canal Wall at Raubsville Newly-Formed Wild Grape Cluster Porch Root Beer Ancient Tennis Ball Canada Geese on the Delaware River New Light Fruiting Body of a Fungus Blown Away Passenger on a Train Tulip Swan Old Oak Small Bird Feathers Deer Jaw Bone Lone Tree Red Angus Groundhog Old Garden Shed Snow Covered Branch Durham Mill Farm Evening Jim's House Digging Newfoundland Guitar Player Misty Creek Icy Branch Snowscape Jim's Shed

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